Tucky Williams (Arden)

Tucky is the creator, writer, and executive producer of Dagger Kiss.  She is also the creator of the pioneering, award-winning Amazon series Girl/Girl Scene and the hit film based on the series.  Tucky has received multiple honors for her artistic contributions to the LGBT community.  Find Tucky on IMDb, Wikipedia and at her website.

Amanda K. Morales (Katia)

Amanda is a New York actress best known for Dagger Kiss (TV series and movie), Girl/Girl Scene (movie) and Hell House 2: The Abbadon Hotel.  Here's Amanda's IMDb page and her website.

Stoya (Mia)

Stoya is an internationally renowned actress, author, filmmaker and internet entrepreneur. She is known for her award-winning role in the film A.I. Rising, and for appearing in two original off-Broadway plays, HaraKiri Kane (Die! Die, Again!), and The Last Bar at the End of the World. Her writing credits include two Op-Ed pieces for the New York Times.

Here's her Wikipedia entry and her IMDb profile.

Roni Jonah (Jenna)

Roni is an actress, director and professional wrestler.  She has portrayed bad girl Trista in Girl/Girl Scene, both the film and TV series.  This scream queen can be found in dozens of films, including Savage Vengance, Wicked Ones, and Shark Exorcist.  Find her on IMDb and Wikipedia.

Thomas J. Phillips (Zareth)

Tom is an actor known for his leading role in Shadows Light (in which he co-starred with Tucky Williams), Hitting the Cycle, and Healing the Stupid.  He regularly appeared as Todd the threrapist on the series Girl/Girl Scene.  He is one of the most prominent and respected actors in Kentucky theater.

Silvio Wolf Busch (Yamin)

Silvio is an actor and singer, native of Leipzig, Germany.  He is known for his roles in The Fault in Our Stars, My Christmas Soldier, and 7 Below.  Silvio has a background in military tactics, martial arts and a number of extreme sports. He loves physical roles and performs most of his own stunts.  Check him out on IMDb.

P.J. Stamps (Evangeline)

P.J. is an award-winning choreographer for professional and community theater groups.  She has been a featured dance soloist with the American Spiritual Ensemble and has performed with the group on three tours of the United States and six tours of Spain. P.J. appeared as Mimi in Girl/Girl Scene.  She has over 200 stage, film, and TV credits in the United States and Canada.

Dagger Kiss

Dagger Kiss

The hit fantasy adventure series (and now movie!) about swords, sorcery, and the battle for true love. 

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